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The New Improved, "Studio Update"......

Kasha Katuwa, (Tent Rocks)

"The worst crime is faking it." 

Howdy, it has been a little while since we last spoke....and in that time some great new changes have taken place not only with the jewelry making process, and the website but how my jewelry will be presented.  I've been painting a great deal more, I even had a painting show in Cerrillos of 17 new all has been great. I hope your world has been filled with greatness, adventure prosperity and all good things...

I will be introducing, 2 "Studio Updates" per month. These updates are the work I've been making, artist's I've been collaborating with, and other artists work as well. Living where I do, there is so much opportunity to find incredible Native American jewelry, I will be including some of these finds in my studio updates as well...

So you'll never know what you just might this piece I'm trying to sell for a friend. This is a tufa cast pendant from probably the most famous Native artist ever. His name is Charles Loloma, he literally pushed Native jewelry past every boundary there ever was and he was my inspiration to become a stone cutter. 


And it is still available. If you are an Indian jewelry collector, this would be the crowning piece of any Native American collection. Message me if you are interested. 

So things are great, Wonder, my truck has a new rooftop tent, and the highway is waiting for us.....I'll keep you posted. thanks for being here.

"The more we study the more we discover our ignorance."




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