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Happy Thursday, Here's a 20% Coupon

"The advantage of the emotions is that they lead us astray" Happy, Happy's a little discount for my second favorite day of the week... Use code,  THURSDAY  at checkout for a 20% discount on anything in the store...YOWZA!!... 20% Off from 6pm today until Midnight, Friday, July 14th. Use Code THURSDAY Two things: Here's my Gallery in Madrid New Mexico: Red Door Studio and Here's a great link  about the most Eccentric Town in New Mexico, you guessed it, Madrid... Have a terrific weekend!!  

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Ahh, Those Pesky Details...

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"I didn't come this far to only come this far" I've taught a lot people, a bunch of stuff... I was a karate instructor for many years, I've taught outdoor painting, abstract painting, non-objective painting and currently I teach jewelry making. Lately, a ritual has appeared when teaching a new student or group of students jewelry making. We all stand up and I ask them to rub their stomach and pat their head. First the right hand on the head, then the left. We do this a couple of times, and it quickly shows dexterity, dominant hand and coordination. Do...

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Creativity Abounds....

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Pietown, New Mexico ©Robert Redus 2014 "They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds" We all have creativity, we are all great a something....many things and hopefully we have found some of those things. I often have people comment to they are not artistically talented at all...and that might very well be the case, however what they do well, they do it very well...Creativity can find its way into many things, like water seeping into a crack... Creativity is often stifled in us, as the importance to make money, or have a great job always seems...

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Earth Day 2017

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“Be like this cup. Hold much, give much, and become rich with what is within you.” The very first Earth Day Celebration was ,  April 22, 1970.  The celebration, "brought 20 million Americans out into the spring sunshine for peaceful demonstrations in favor of environmental reform.  So, this Saturday, the 22nd is Earth Day, 2017. Plans??... Here are some Earth Day Events in California. Hopefully you can find one that will be a great time.  In celebration of Earth Day, I am offering 20% off of all of my jewelry in my online store. Use the coupon code as many times as...

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Discount Code and SALE

"You only get to keep what you give away" Studio Sale is On Today So, originally I was planning on giving out the Discount Code for the sale on Thursday, then it struck me that there is some really cool jewelry I made over these last few weeks, and I would really like to share that with, below is the code and the link to the collection I have available. This collection of jewelry is all very unique and one of a kind. I no longer have the material to make any more of what is in this collection. I...

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