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Earth Day 2017

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“Be like this cup. Hold much, give much, and become rich with what is within you.” The very first Earth Day Celebration was ,  April 22, 1970.  The celebration, "brought 20 million Americans out into the spring sunshine for peaceful demonstrations in favor of environmental reform.  So, this Saturday, the 22nd is Earth Day, 2017. Plans??... Here are some Earth Day Events in California. Hopefully you can find one that will be a great time.  In celebration of Earth Day, I am offering 20% off of all of my jewelry in my online store. Use the coupon code as many times as...

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Discount Code and SALE

"You only get to keep what you give away" Studio Sale is On Today So, originally I was planning on giving out the Discount Code for the sale on Thursday, then it struck me that there is some really cool jewelry I made over these last few weeks, and I would really like to share that with, below is the code and the link to the collection I have available. This collection of jewelry is all very unique and one of a kind. I no longer have the material to make any more of what is in this collection. I...

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Time for a SALE!!

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"I used to live in a room full of mirrors; all I could see was me. I take my spirit and I crash my mirrors, now the whole world is here for me to see." J. Hendrix I've been very busy these past few weeks, making some great new jewelry. Seems Spring entices me to get creative, pay attention to my rhythm and move forward.  This season is going to be very exciting and busy. Here is a little preview: Large earrings made from a vintage candy dish and vintage beads Beach stone pendants set in sterling silver Skull earrings made...

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How it works for Me...

"Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home" Here is a yesterday afternoon. I was driving into Palm Springs about 6pm, and realized more than ever, capital T, Travel is an enormous part of my world these days. That being said, what is your take on traveling? Do you travel much and where is your favorite destination? Bashos' quote, says, "home", what exactly does home mean to you? I've mostly had studios in, next to or within walking distance of my home. So home to me conjures up a small space with a giant studio to build...

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Palm Springs, Driving While Designing, and 2, Very Worthwhile Stops

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"There are no exceptions to the rule that everybody likes to be an exception to the rule" I just spent 10 days in Palm Springs, my monthly hiatus from the north, and to attend  a few shows and markets. If you've not been to Palm Springs, I highly suggest you make the journey. The desert is truly a brilliant place and has so much to offer as far as beauty and scenery. Palm Springs in itself is no less than magnificent!   I've developed a few habits when it comes to my travels to and from. I always stop at...

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