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"Every piece of jewelry I make I believe is an amulet, a talisman something that connects all of us to thousands of years around ancient fires. I believe when you wear a piece of my jewelry it is magical, it protects you, it becomes you and you become it, the stone and metal. I build unique jewelry from very unusual materials. You should wear some and feel the Magic." 



 My current line of jewelry is hand-made from vintage sterling silver, silver plated serving trays, utensils, brass and copper trays from Northern Africa, India, Asia and other parts of the world. I use broken Asian, European and American ceramics, I set them in silver and give them a new life, a new context, a new story.... 

Found objects, bones, glass, beach stones, fossils, bowling balls, all made into wearable, beautiful jewelry as unique and different as the person who chooses to wear them.... 

I am a nomad, I travel the back roads, the dirt roads, the adventure is the elixir.

~Robert Redus